Thank goodness for music …

On my playlist on youtube is this awesome song from Evanescene – My Immortal.  It is such an emotional song and one that could make you very sad but for some reason gives me peace.  The words are very touching and combined with her haunting voice, it is a song I can not help but enjoy over and over again!

Music is and has been such a powerful tool throughout our history. I find that I’m using it myself to keep my part of sanity in tact.  If you ever looked at my playlists you would really question if I had multiple personalities. :0) nope I’m just someone who likes what she hears and that’s that. I don’t need to or even wish to label or put myself into a genre of music. I mean why do I have to confirm to soceity’s norm to being a stereotype?? I put myself in my own category of “I like what I like”

I think the diversity of music has actually been a saving grace for me this past year. As times got a lot on the rough side, I hardly ever left the sanctuary of my bedroom. Oh sure I crawled out eventually but otherwise there I sat on the bed with my laptop for hours on end. In one of those “aaaaghhhhh” moments, I decided I needed something to distract my mind and went to listen to music on youtube. That led me to actually signing on and creating an account.  And all my account has is play lists! Hours of music of all different types to make me happy. I have my salsa, jams, old R&B, new wave, samba, oldies, slow songs, dancehall, creole, classic and gospel. Whatever my mood is that day is what I will listen to and my head just goes to bopping along to the beat.  Each group of videos are songs that I truly like and can dance to or shout out with at the top of my so not professional voice. Crazy huh? I might think so as well, if I didn’t notice how happy I became after one of my sessions.

Music without a doubt has been a driving force for many things and has been a blessing for many people. I remember watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics this summer watching the lead drummer. She lead a team of at least 1000 drummers but yet was deaf!!  You would never have guessed she was deaf as she pounded away on her drum set! The joy and exuberance she portrayed, as with all the other drummers, just showed you the joy they had playing.  Also the people in the stadium got to not only hear the music but feel the beat!  She is just one example of someone who embraced the love of the beat and dedicated her life to it.

So as I’ve now moved on to listening to Coldplay, I hope that I’m not the only one who understands and appreciates the power of music in one’s life. I wish everyone had their own playlists that helps them daily through life!

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Some crazy lady who wants to write out her random thoughts and occasional rants somewhere!!
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